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Pilao Coffee
Brazil is by far the world's largest coffee producer, responsible for around 30% of the world's supply. Eighty percent of coffee from Brazil is Arabica & of high quality. Coffee is not only an export crop but is an important part of the daily lives of Brazilians who’s country ranks second in coffee consumption after the US. Brazilian Style Foods is proud to offer the best selling brands of coffee in Brazil to the Australian market
Café Pilao- “Most Popular Brand in Brazil”
Café Pilao is a full bodied coffee made with dark, slow roasted & finely ground beans coming from the best planting regions of Brazil. Cafe Pilao represents the home-style Brazilian coffee with ambiguous flavour character & fermented fruit notes.
Cafe Pilao now available in 50g sachets of instant coffee for your convenience.



Pilao Sach


Suitable for use with coffee plunger, filter & cone, percolator or dripolator. Use 4 tablespoons (80g) per Litre of hot water (immediately before boiling point). Once opened, keep the coffee in its pack, sealed with the tab, in a cool and dry location. Best used within thirty days of opening.
Tip: When using a coffee plunger, wait approximately 4 min after adding the hot water to the coffee, break the “skin” or layer of coffee at the top with a spoon before pushing the plunger down.




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