Guava and Cheese Pancankes

1 cup plains flour
240 ml milk
1 egg
pinch of salt

200g light mozzarella cheese
200g Goiabada Predilecta
Icing sugar for garnishing



In a blender mix the egg, flour and milk and pinch of salt for 4 minutes. Melt butter on a fry pan and pour enough pancake mix to make 1 pancake. When it is not sticking to the pan anymore turn to cook the other side. Keep making it till the mix is finish. Cut the cheese in small pieces. Melt the guava in a pan with a bit of water or in the microwave if you prefer. Place the cheese on the middle of each pancake topping with the melted Guava paste. Roll the pancakes and place it in the warmed oven for a few minutes just so the cheese will melt. Garnish with the icing sugar and enjoy it!

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