Cachaça FAMOSINHA DE MINAS is produced in Papagaios in the State of Minas Gerais region that is reputed to produce very specials Cachaça. This fact deserves reinforcement: the region is especially favorable conditions for planting and cultivation of sugar cane . The cane is cut properly and in correct times without the use of fire, things only the people from Minas Gerais, created and born on the farm can do well . The fermentation process is natural and uses yeast from the factories  own crop of sugarcane . The product is aged for minimum 24 months in barrels of Amburana . This is the secret to set the taste of legitimate Cachaça from Minas Gerais.

CACHAÇA’S COLOR: Slightly yellowish
AROMA: Sugar cane
TASTE: Medium body, soft, good acidity , balanced.
The palate confirms the authentic taste of sugar cane .




Santuário de Minas is a authentically Cachaça from Minas Gerais. Produced in Papagaios. Crafted to the highest standards of quality, is produced starting from the selection of sugarcane, crushing and filtration of the cane juice. The fermentation process uses the strictest care in the selection of yeasts and quality control of sugarcane juice. This is one of the main characteristics of Artisanal Cachaça. The distillation is carried out in copper stills in which separation and standardization are made. Santuario is aged in Oak barrels for 24 months before bottling.

CACHAÇA’S COLOR: Straw yellow
AROMA: Oak wood, sugarcane
TASTE: Medium-bodied, soft, good acidity, balanced.
The palate confirms the authentic taste of sugar cane




The Engenho Buriti de Minas was born of a dream of our family . The project was quickly designed as a very important ideological pillar. " Making, using modern practices and quality assurance , the best Cachaça of Minas Gerais. In 2013 , three years after the start of the Project, this maxim has been confirmed and recognized . Our Company won three medals in ExpoCachaça - São Paulo , the largest Cachaça Fair in Brazil. At that time, three of our products were awarded in different categories.

The recognition is not only a joy for our family as a pride for our city. Located in Papagaios - MG, our Company put the city on the national scene of Cachaça. In order to achieve our quality goals and reference invested in sugarcane fields and in the fermentation process . We combine modern production techniques of sugarcane with the traditionalism of manual cutting and control of fermentation. All production comes from own sugarcane field.

"Our mission is simple like a family reunion : Bring joy to people , to be the benchmark for our children and ensure the development of our community" Eros Vieira – father​



Cachaça has been widely tipped by industry experts as an up-and-coming international spirits category & it certainly possesses many of the ingredients for success:

  • It is a highly mixable white spirit that readily lends itself to cocktail usage

  • Cachaça' development will go hand in hand with the global expansion of cocktail culture

  • Trendy mixologists are seeking out more exotic spirits as a base for their cocktails & Cachaça is one spirit that stands to benefit.

  • Brazil is currently trendy & set to become even more so as it prepares to host the 2014 Soccer World Cup & 2016 Olympics.


Pronounced "Ky-Pee-ree-nyah", Caipirinha is made from fresh lime, muddled with natural sugar, & mixed with Velho Barreiro Cachaça & ice. Caipirinha is a cultural classic!

Other versions of Caipirinha include your favourite in-season fresh fruits, such as strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, watermelon or passionfruit. Add herbs such as mint for a unique twist.

50mL of Famosinha Cachaça or Santuario Cachaça
1/2 a lime sliced in 4 wedges
2 tea spoons of superfine sugar (can vary to taste)
Ice Cubes

1. Cut off the ends of the lime
2. Then cut the lime in half, remove the bitter centre pit from the lime
3. Slice half of the lime into 4 wedges & put into the serving glass
4. Add 2 tea spoons of sugar
5. Crush the lime & sugar together with Muddler in order to extract juice & essential oils from the skin of the lime
6. Fill the rest of the glass with ice cubes
7. Pour the Cachaca all the way to the top of the glass
8. Pour the contents of the glass into the shaker, shake it well & pour it back into the serving glass. Alternatively if you don't have a shaker you can use crushed ice instead of ice cubes, in this case you just need to stir it well.

Enjoy Responsibly!