Food Products

Brazilian Style Imports offers a range of over 100 lines of food products for retail & many are available in bulk foodservice sizes.

Products include many gluten free tapioca based products from the Yoki brand. Cassava also referred to as Yucca & Manioc is a root vegetable widely used in South America for many interesting products which are gluten free & Paleo friendly.  Our tapioca products include cheese bread mix (pao de queijo), cassava or manioc flours (farinha) & starches, seasoned & toasted cassava flour (farofa pronta), tapioca pearls & granules which have a variety of healthy & delicious uses in the kitchen.  

Food Products

We have other products such as black beans & carioca beans used for making “Feijoada” black bean & meat casserole or Feijao bean stew. Dende oil is another interesting product from our range which is used for the famous Brazilian seafood stew called “Moqueca”, this dish is from the North of Brazil in the tropical region called Bahia.

Our range also incudes many interesting pepper sauces from Cepera such as our smoked chipotle sauce, “biquinho” kiss or beak peppers, meat & beans seasonings which add an authentic & unique flavour to many dishes.

Food Dishs

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Our sweets & snacks include the famous & delicious Garoto Serenata de Amor Brazilian cashew nut cream filled bon bons with crunchy wafer & chocolate coating.  Yoki sweet peanut rolls & blocks (pacoquinha), peanut brittle (pe de moleque) & coated peanuts (amendoim Japones) which are very popular in Brazil.

Our range from Predilecta includes the delicious pink guava paste &  quince paste which are a fantastic addition to any cheese platter.

From South Brazil we have the most famous brand of Mate Tea called Barao which we sell in 500g & 1kg packs.  Mate tea or Chimmarao is consumed daily by many “Gauchos” in South Brazil & is well known for extremely high levels of anti-oxidants & nutrients.  We also offer Mate Tea in tea bags aswell from our Lin Tea brand. Mate tea is a great option for the health conscious consumer looking for something different.