Cheese Cake Mousse

Te Quiero Julieta - (The Cuban’s Place version of the traditional Romeu & Julieta Brazilian Dessert)
Thanks to Chefs Cynthia e Sebastian for sending the recipe.

250 g cream cheese
2 tb sp. honey
2 tb sp. sugar
1/2 Vanilla bean
25 ml orange juice
120 g whipped cream
4g gelatine (hydrated in water 60 ml and melted)
100g Predilecta Guava shells in syrup

Predilecta Guava paste cubes
Berries in season
Short bread biscuits



In the blender blitz cream cheese, honey, sugar, the seeds of the vanilla bean (cut in half lenthwise and scrape the seeds with the back of the knife, discard the), orange juice, and the hydrated melted gelatine. Set aside

In the mixer, whip 120ml cream till fluffy.
Fold in whipped cream in the cream cheese mixture and put in a container (you can put in a plastic pipping bag) and refrigerate til set.

Cut the guava shells in squares and put two-three table spoons of the fruit in the bottom of a tranparent glass with a little bit of the syrup.

Top it up with the set cream cheese mousse.
Decorate with cubes of guava paste, berries and crumbed short bread biscuits. Enjoy with someone you love!