Pronounced "KAI-PUR-EEN-YA", Caipirinha is made from fresh lime, muddled with natural sugar, & mixed with Velho Barreiro Cachaça & ice. Caipirinha is a cultural classic!

Other versions of Caipirinha include your favourite in-season fresh fruits, such as strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, watermelon or passionfruit. Add herbs such as mint for a unique twist.


50mL of Cachaça
1/2 a lime sliced in 4 wedges
2 tea spoons of superfine sugar (can vary to taste)
Ice Cubes




1. 1st cut off the ends of the lime
2. Then cut the lime in half, remove the bitter centre pit from the lime
3. Slice half of the lime into 4 wedges & put into the serving glass
4. Add 2 tea spoons of sugar
5. Crush the lime & sugar together with Muddler in order to extract juice & essential oils from the skin of the lime
6. Fill the rest of the glass with ice cubes
7. Pour the Cachaca all the way to the top of the glass
8. Pour the contents of the glass into the shaker, shake it well & pour it back into the serving glass. Alternatively if you don't have a shaker you

can use crushed ice instead of ice cubes, in this case you just need to

stir it well.

Enjoy Responsibly!

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