Chicken Breast stuffed with Guava & Camembert Cheese

2 x medium sized chicken breast
100g Predilecta Guava Paste
100g Camembert Cheese
Cous Cous
Assorted Vegetables

1. Insert a sharp knife into the thick end of each chicken breast.
2. Cut an opening inside with sweeping movements of the knife being careful not to open the edges, the opening only needs to be at one end of the breast.
3. Cut thin slices of guava paste & camembert cheese 2-3mm thick & push inside the chicken breast.
4. Seal up the open end of the breast with 5-6 tooth picks.
5 Cook the chicken breast on the pan, medium heat until browned on the outside & cooked through.
6. Serve with cous cous & vegetables or rice & salad.


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