Guava & Cachaca Fuba Cake

2 cups self raising wheat flour
1 cup Fuba Flour (link to online shop)
2 cups sugar
4 eggs (yolk separated from white)
3 large spoons of Butter
1 cup of mild or coconut milk

300g Guava Paste
3 spoons water
50ml Cachaca

bolo fuba goiabada cachaca


Using a mixer beat the white eggs till firm consistency than start adding the sugar slowly. Add the egg yolk, the margarine, milk and flours and keep mixing on slow speed. bake it on oven at 180C for around 40 minutes. Cut the Guava Paste on small cubes, add the water and cachaca and melt it on a small pot. Once cake is coll spread the Guava icing on top. Enjoy it!