Pao De Queijo - Cheese Bread (Gluten Free)

Directions for Use
1. Combine the contents of the packet with 100mL (1/2 cup) water & 2 eggs in a mixing bowl
2. Knead the dough mixture for approximately 3min.
3. Roll the dough into smooth ball shapes (you should get approx 30 balls per packet around 1 inch (2.5cm) diameter in dough form). Place the cheese bread balls on baking tray(s)
4. Bake the trays on 180°C for approximately 15-30 min depending on the cheese ball size & oven type. They are ready once they are only slightly golden coloured The cheese bread is ready to eat, best served warm

cheese bread


Options Parmesan - An extra 1/4 or ½ cup of parmesan cheese can be added to the dough mixture or sprinkled on top for a more cheesy flavour.

Guava Paste - You can add a small piece of our Predilecta guava paste to the centre or the top of each ball (in dough form) before baking them in a mini-muffin tray for a taste sensation enjoyed throughout Brazil.

Extra Cheese - Put a piece of your favourite cheese in the middle of the cheese bread balls & bake in a mini-muffin tray for an awesome “cheesy” bite.

Oregano - can be also added to the dough mix for extra flavour.

Many other variations can be explored such as dipping sauces for the bread.

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Best ever Pao de Queijo

18 August 2016
Add some Garlic Powder and crispy Bacon as well as some grated Mozzarella. Roll into balls; any you may not want to eat then and there, freeze. Take frozen PdQ and place on baking tray and bake 30-35min on 230C. Yummy. Would be even better with some Requeijão :)

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