Amazoo Açai Smoothies


One of the worlds’ leading natural Super Foods Amazoo Acai offers the convenience of being ready to drink as a smoothie in a tetra pack. Store it in your cupboard, refrigerator or take it with you in your travels & enjoy feeling the difference!



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Açai Healthy & Delicious

We went deep into the Amazon to source the very best of this delicious & nutritious fruit.  Pronounced a-sigh-ee is a delicious and powerful berry, rich in amino acids, minerals and carbohydrates. 

It is a nourishment that brings benefits to our health, fighting premature aging, strengthening the cardiovascular system and balancing energy & fitness.

It is a source of natural energy, highly nutritious and healthy, there is no restriction for its consumption. Acai has a low glycemic rate, which means that it gradually releases glucose into the blood stream and keeps you satisfied for longer.



The Green Project

To guarantee the quality of our Açaí berries, a team of specialized professionals from Amazoo assists the local indigenous community in Brazil, from the seeding to the correct harvesting. Our Açai Smoothie is produced sustainably with organic berries harvested manually without cutting or damaging the palm trees.

Helping to take care of our future and enviroment

Currently, 100% of the energy needed to heat the boilers at the Amazoo factory in Belém (PA-Brazil) comes from the seed of the Açai.

The seed corresponds to 80% of the fruit, and we reuse all the fruit excess to produce energy, giving back to the atmosphere the CO2 needed for the photosynthesis, completing the clean energy cycle.



Amazoo has a range of national & international certifications
that attests the quality of its products.


Why Chosse Amazoo

  • TASTE - AMAZOO AÇAÍ comes in three unique flavours: Açaí with Guaraná, Strawberry or Banana
  • GREAT VALUE - AMAZOO AÇAÍ comes in three unique flavours: Açaí with Guaraná, Strawberry or Banana
  • CONVENIENCE - AMAZOO AÇAÍ comes in a tetra pack, so it is shelf-stable. It can be stored in the dry goods area, or kept cold in your fridge for grab & go customers
  • EXPAND YOUR CUSTOMER BASE - AMAZOO AÇAÍ can attract new types of customers to your business. AMAZOO AÇAÍ is only available in selected retailers, not the main stream supermarkets
  • HEALTH BENEFITS - Açaí is one of the worlds leading natural super foods. AMAZOO AÇAÍ smoothies are packed with healthy omegas, antioxidants and natural energy (not from concentrate). AMAZOO AÇAÍ 250ml pack contains over 335 açaí berries, and the 750ml pack has over 1,010 açaí berries



Amazoo Açai in a bowl

You can also enjoy your creamy AMAZOO AÇAÍ in a bowl with fruits, honey & toasted muesli.

  1. Fill an ice tray with AMAZOO AÇAÍ and place it in the freezer
  2. When frozen, blend the cubes in slow speed & add a little bit of runny AMAZOO AÇAÍ
  3. Serve in a bowl with fresh fruits & toasted muesli on top