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Brazil. The name evokes all sorts of associations, from lush rainforest to beach to carnival to exotic cruises down the Amazon. Now add this word: wine. Brazil may be the next emerging South American country to make an impact on the US and global markets, following in the footsteps of its more established neighbours, Argentina and Chile.

This exciting new viticulture region, centered around the city of Bento, boasts a host of vineyards that are celebrated in Brazil but barely known outside. Driving around Bento is akin to taking a jaunt in Tuscany. Rolling hills give way to spectacular vistas; the countryside is magical. And the vineyards contain some magic as well; winemakers here are producing some excellent Merlot, Cabernet Franc and exceptional sparkling wine…

The Miolo Wine Group has commissioned consultant Michel Rolland, who has harnessed its modern facility to produce exceptional still and sparkling wines, including Meritage Bordeaux blends that sell in the $30–$50 range, where wines of comparable quality in Argentina and Chile are in the $50–$100 range.

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The Miolo’s family history in Brazil starts in 1897, period in which Giuseppe Miolo, a young man with passion for grapes and wines, immigrated from Piombino Dese, in Vêneto. When arrived to Brazil, Giuseppe went to Bento Gonçalves, newly county formed by Italian immigrants. He delivered his economies in return for some piece of land at Vale dos Vinhedos, and began cultivating grapes in the same year.

During the 1970’s Miolo was one of the pioneers, planting cuttings of European grape varieties. And in 1990, after years as a supplier of raw materials, the company decides to produce its own wine.

Today, Miolo is a reference for quality in the production of Brazilian wines, exporting for around 30 countries, such as England, Holland, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Emirates, China, among others. With over a century of experience, it produces and bottle more than 12 million liters of wines per year, and attends the most demanding tastes.




The Miolo Winery is located in altitude of 450 and 650 meters, in a valley in the South of Brazil, between the cities of Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Monte Belo. Known as Vale dos Vinhedos, this area has obtained Brazilian’s first Denomination of Origin (DO), which was recognized by European Union in 2007.  

The DO works to control quality of production, from the planting of grapes, production process and finally commercialization of the wine. Cultivation of grapes, for example, should use trellis and harvesting should be a manual process.

There are limits on production for each type of grape (2.5 kg per plant for reds and 3 kg for whites; 4 kg for sparkling wines). Varietal wines should contain 85% Merlot for reds and the same percentage for Chardonnay for whites. Blended wines should have at least 60% Merlot (reds) and Chardonnay (whites).

Commercialization can only occur after a period of six months of aging. Vale dos Vinhedos responds for the finest Brazilian wine production, elaborated with the most advanced technology and reaching numbers between 12 and 14 million bottles of fine wines per year.

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Besides the production of wines, the company has set up a structure in its headquarters at Vale dos Vinhedos to receive tourists interested in knowing more closely the production process of wine, and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. The company offers visits to all the winemaking areas, including the underground cellars of aging. Miolo receives each year about 130 thousand visitors.





The recognition of quality of Miolo wines has crossed frontiers, and the label is found in distinguished restaurants in the world.  Miolo has three labels of wine being served at the tallest tower in the world, Skytree (634 meters high), in Tokyo, where the sophisticated restaurant Musashi 463 is located. In London, two labels of Miolo wines can be found in the restaurant of chef Jamie Oliver – Fifteen, and in other prestigious restaurants such as:


In China, Miolo wines have being served on The House of Roosevelt (www.27bund.com), awarded as wine Ambassador of China 2012, Best Wine Bar 2012, and the largest wine cellar in Shanghai. And just a twenty minutes boat ride from central Norway, the unique Flor&Fjaere Restaurant (www.florogfjare.no) serves Miolo wines at its magnificent island of Hidle. In Dubai, Miolo wines are found on the luxurious restaurant Toro Toro at the Grosvenor house tower (www.royaldiningcollection.com), considered one of Dubai's best bars & lounges.




In 2011, the ranking of countries purchasing Brazilian wines looked like this: in first place, Holland, 2nd China, 3rd United Kingdom, 4th United States, 5th Columbia, 6th Germany, 7th Canada, 8th Japan, 9th Norway and in 10th place, Denmark.

The recognition of quality of Brazilian wines is found in many locations throughout the world, where the most coveted commercial points of sale sell Miolo wines. Waitrose, for example, which is one of the principal retail chains in England, a reference for wines and sparkling wines in the English market, has just added the sparkling Miolo Cuveé Tradition Brut Rose to its envied catalog.

Miolo also signed a deal with the chain Marks & Spencer, and will feature Brazilian wines in their web site. The famous supermarket chain, Waitrose, included in their catalog the Miolo sparkling wine Cuveé Tradition Brut Rosé.

Recently, Miolo negotiated with the principal supermarket chains in Germany (such as the Edeka, Mack & Schuhle AG and Mövenpick groups) who are extremely interested in Brazilian wines. These chains are looking to purchase Brazilian wines driven by consumer requests and also by the continued positive presence of Brazil in the international media.

And the largest distributor in the USA  - Southern Wine and Spirits, selected Miolo winery among other Brazilian brands for their network of 200 thousand clients. The sales will commence on the East coast of the USA, starting with Florida (headquarters of the company) and New York. Southern only works with the largest brands and world wines, and just by the fact that Miolo has been chosen by Southern, the brand will be seen with different eyes by the critics, buyers and even the consumers.



Wine reviews and international awards

The respected British critic, writer and wine expert Hugh Johnson mentioned Miolo wines on the 2012 edition of his Pocket Wine Book. Johnson is considered the best-selling author on the subject in the world, and in the 2012 edition, he notes that Brazil is the third largest wine producer in South America with a surprising influence on European wine in the Valley of the Vineyards in Bento Gonçalves (RS), thanks to the Italian immigration.

The writer points out "impressive" Brazilian reds such as merlot and tannat. Moreover, advises wineries keep an eye on as the "pioneer" Miolo. Another acclaimed British critic, Oz Clarke, also cited Brazil in his Pocket Wine Book 2012. Clarke highlighted the country as promising in the preparation of sparkling.

Also, Tom Cannavan of wine-pages.com chooses the Miolo Sparkling Brut Rose NV from Brazil as his Wine of the Week for 16th September 2012.  The video review can be seen on: www.wine-pages.com/temp/miolo.htm

Since Miolo dedicated to produce its own wines, in 1990, the company already accounts 189 received awards, including national and international ones. The medals conquered by the drinks with the passing years demonstrate the care and the pre-occupation of the company in elaborating the best wines, sparkling wines and brandies for its clients.

In March 2012, Miolo Wine Group collected three medals (two bronzes) on the 9th edition of Decanter – a competition at the London International Wine Fair (LIWF) carried out by the world’s most important wine magazine. More than 200 wine merchants, sommeliers, journalists and authors, including 54 Masters of Wine and 11 Master Sommeliers, participated in a week of judgment.




The official red wine of the Olympic 2012 in London was Brazilian.

Bibendum Wine Limited, one of the world’s largest importers and distributors of wines, selected Miolo Wine Group to supply the official red wine of the Olympic Games in London, which took place between the 27th of July and 12th August.

The product, developed especially for the largest sporting competition on the planet, was a blend of Shiraz, Tempranillo and a touch of Gamay. A total of 190,000 liters were produced with unique label, and the wine could be tasted in the official meetings and various official events and parallel activities promoted by the International Olympic Committee. 

And the Fifa World Cup in 2014, which will be hosted by Brazil, and the 2016 Olympic in Rio de Janeiro are focusing the attention of the world on Brazilian wines. 

This was the feeling of Wines of Brazil at ProWein, which took place between the 4th and 6th of March in Germany.  Business prospecting reached a value of US$ 1 million between the 11 companies participating at the fair – including Miolo Winery.

Miolo negotiated with the principal supermarket chains in Germany (such as the Edeka, Mack & Schuhle AG and Mövenpick groups) who are extremely interested in Brazilian wines. “These chains are looking to purchase Brazilian wines driven by consumer requests and also by the continued positive presence of Brazil in the international media”.